Your Own Kind of Girl by Clare Bowditch- Our Review


Longlisted for INDIE book awards 2020

Our Review:

‘Your Own Kind of Girl’ is the book Clare Bowditch promised herself she would write amidst a season of hopelessness… the book she would write, if she managed to claw her way out.

A performer and former ABC radio host, Clare is loved by many- this is her authentic story.

A beautiful, highly emotional memoir, I was taken on a winding journey with Clare – all through her life, moments of crushing heartache, grief and pain to romantic tranquillity, self acceptance and self love.

Clare shares freely of the soul crushing loss of her beloved sister in childhood. Reaching her lowest point and coming back from a breakdown and how life and hope have come to fill her home.

Clare is witty, intelligent and vulnerable- her book just oozes with a woman of depth and strength, I was left feeling inspired and in awe and didn’t want it to end.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

This is the story I promised myself, aged twenty-one, that I would one day be brave enough – and well enough – to write.

Clare Bowditch has always had a knack for telling stories. Through her music and performing, this beloved Australian artist has touched hundreds of thousands of lives. But what of the stories she used to tell herself? That ‘real life’ only begins once you’re thin or beautiful, that good things only happen to other people.

Your Own Kind of Girl reveals a childhood punctuated by grief, anxiety and compulsion and tells how these forces shaped Clare’s life for better and for worse. This is a heart-breaking, wise and at times playful memoir. Clare’s own story told raw and as it happened. A reminder that even on the darkest of nights, victory is closer than it seems.

With startling candour, Clare lays bare her truth in the hope that doing so will inspire anyone who’s ever done battle with their inner critic. This is the work of a woman who has found her true power – and wants to pass it on. Happiness, we discover, is only possible when we take charge of the stories we tell ourselves.