Quickly Booking Out:Sunday Sept 25th from 12-2pm: A Long Lunch @ a la grecque with Chrissie Keighery, author of Whisper.

Join us for a fabulous Long Lunch with Chrissie Keighery, speaking about her new young adult novel, Whisper. You may have heard her interviewed with Richard Stubbs last week. Her book has won the hearts of us all at Great Escape Books. Much more than just a tale of a teenager who battles with losing her hearing, this is a great novel for all teenagers struggling with the highs and lows of adolescence.

WHERE: a la grecque on Sunday Sept 25th (First weekend of the school holidays). Limited places of 25 persons, so bookings are essential. A signed edition of Whisper is included in the Lunch.

Bookings: Phone Great Escape Books for bookings and payment : $69.95 on (03)5289 7052. Credit Cards and Eftpos accepted over the phone.

Whisper reviews…

‘Hi Nicole,

l am a Yr 7 teacher at SHC in Geelong & always looking for books with strong messages for girls.
I pre – read it before giving it to my 13yo niece for her birthday, recently.
It made me cry in the early hours one morning…
Can’t wait to talk to my niece about it.
Our library staff tell me they are going to use ‘whisper’ in Literacy circles next year.’ – Courtesy of Trish Morgan Great Escape Books Client

Though focused on disability, alienation and difference,

there’s nothing heavy-handed or condescending here—

rather, Keighery’ s gift for characterisation is immediately

engaging and the tone is bright, warm and layered with

self-deprecating humour.

–      Bookseller and Publisher magazine

Whisper will provide insights into both worlds that are equally daunting and rewarding. This is a must read for teenagers and adults, both deaf and hearing’

The Victorian College for the Deaf