Sat Oct 17th: The Mandela Moment with Martin Flanagan and Amanda Smith

Saturday October 17th @ 7pm: “The Mandela Moment”. Martin Flanagan in conversation with ABC Radio National Amanda Smith with his ground breaking book about Michael Long who gave Australia it’s ‘Mandela Moment’ when he refused to let a racial slur pass. See review below.

Venue: Aireys Pub Brewery Room- Free event but booking essential

To Book: Phone Great Escape Books 52897052 or email:

The Short Long Book by Martin Flanagan
The issue of our time, great read for all with an interest in sport or indigenous equality…
This is a portrait of a shy black kid from Darwin who became one of the most notable figures in the history of Australian sport, of a footballer who tore apart the 1993 grand final within seven minutes of the start, of a man known as a joker who is a serious social and political thinker. It is also the story of a white sportswriter who is taken to his limits, and a long way beyond, seeking to understand a man who can only be understood through his Aboriginality.

Warm, incisive and revealing, The Short Long Book is a compelling portrait of a man who could be described as the soul of the game, as seen by Australia’s greatest sportswriter.