Elephant Island by Leo Timmers (Hardback) – Our Review


Our Review…

Bright, interactive and totally delightful, your children will love this latest book about the value of friendship and inclusiveness by the super-talented Leo Timmers.

Arnold the Elephant, who is a great sailor, has had his tiny boat upturned by a boisterous wave. Luckily his trunk acts as a snorkel and he soon swims to a very small island (only as big as his feet really). Along comes mouse in his electric mouse-boat, then seadog in his sailboat, but as elephant hops aboard he inevitably mangles, or sinks each boat.

Ever the optimist, like pieces of a Meccano set he adds the shipwrecked pieces to the island and builds a big living area.

More and more seafaring animals hear of this remarkable island and join their crafts to the platforms…’There’s always room for one more.’ Soon they have a library, Ferris wheel, waffle maker, many musical instruments and much more.

With the quirky imagination behind each illustration drawing you in, there’s lots to enjoy in each and every page. Fabulous for children who are delighted with a little humour and wonder.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books