2022 Indie and ABIA Longlisted- How We Love: Notes on a life by Clementine Ford – Our Review


Our Review…

‘How We Love: Notes on a Life’ by Clementine Ford is an incredibly tender and vulnerable new work from Australia’s most well-known feminist and author of ‘Fight Like a Girl’ and ‘Boys Will be Boys’.

‘How We Love’ is a deeply personal exploration of love and all of the forms and spaces that love inhabits in our lives.
Clementine has barred her soul in this part memoir, part guide to loving well and part exploration of the heartbreaking grief that love leaves us exposed to.

Unlike the author’s previous books that were formed around research and evidence-based understanding, this book serves a different purpose, and is a real glimpse into the person life behind the public facade.

I felt like I had my heart in the mouth as I devoured the pages, I didn’t want the book to end and now I’m more enamoured with Clementine Ford than ever before!

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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