Only a Monster by Vanessa Len – Our Review


Our Review…

One of the most captivating fantasy stories I have read for a long time, Only A Monster brilliantly portrays what it is like to not be the hero, to be in fact the monster, the thief taker, the destroyer of lives in the story.

Joan Chang -Lin has long known there were secrets within her family, she knows she is part of a long line of twelve interconnected families who while they appear human, possess terrifying powers. But no power or ability has ever risen in her. Her beloved father is human and her mother – from the Hunt family, is presumed dead, so Joan believes whatever ability she may have had has dwindled away due to her human-side. It is not until she is catapulted into danger that she and the families begin to understand what she is…a monster who will need to embrace her tremendous power to have any chance of saving herself and all she holds dear. A truly unique and well-crafted novel that had me totally enthralled to the very end.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books