The Winter Road: A Killing at Croppa Creek by Kate Holden – Our Review


Our Review…
Kate Holden castes a discerning eye on the incredible true story of the murder of Glen Turner -an environmental officer by a member of the most landed gentry in the district, 80-year-old property holder Ian Turnbull, head of a farming dynasty.

Throughout the revisiting of the murder and subsequent trial, she explores in detail the philosophical notions of traditional white entitlement, privilege and land ownership.
Do we step lightly on this great continent, or is it our right to reap, harvest and potentially lay waste to all it has to offer?
What responsibility do we have for preserving remnant vegetation and wildlife corridors?

These and many more environmental and social concepts that we, as a nation moving forward are grappling with, is handled with a deft and clear-sighted hand.

A great addition to any collection on the natural world, The Winter Road sits well alongside Call of The Reed Warbler and collected works by Tim Flannery. A thought provoking read.
Review by Nicole