Evie and Rhino by Neridah McMullin and Illustrated by Astrid Hicks – Our Review


Our Review…

‘Evie and Rhino’ is one of my absolute favourite children’s books that I’ve read this year. After only a few pages I knew this book would be just perfect to read with my 8-year-old animal loving daughter.

Evie is a sweetheart of a young girl, who has suffered the devastating loss of her parents and now lives in a rundown mansion with her beloved grandfather and other staff at the family’s once illustrious estate.

The moment her parents died, Evie lost her voice and has not spoken a word for the two years since. She stopped attending school when the other children just didn’t understand her profound grief and even teased her for silence.

One day, a shipwreck occurs on the boundaries of her property and Evie soon meets the surviving animals. Her life is transformed by the misunderstood and mistreated Rhino, who miraculously survives and who Evie tenderly nurses back to health.

But soon enough, the Zoo that Rhino belongs to sends a representative to recover the beautiful animal and recapture it for tourism.

It is up to Evie to fight on Rhino’s behalf and through her strength, find her voice stronger than ever.

This is a beautiful tale about the healing power of animals, about the process of grief and of how to survive the darkest of times. It is beautiful, sensitively written, and powerful book, perfect for ages 8 plus or older to enjoy independently.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books