I Don’t by Clementine Ford – Our Review


Our Review…

Best-selling author, acclaimed writer, and fierce campaigner for the rights of women and young girls everywhere, Clementine Ford’s latest book, presents a well-researched and impassioned case, against marriage.

It is brilliantly written, sprinkled throughout with her sharp wit and lays bare the reality of marriage historically through to today.

Unpacking the fairy tale dream that women are sold from inception, that marriage is the ultimate goal and of utmost importance, to the reality, that researchers understand that marriage actually has negative implications on a woman’s life that we simply refuse to acknowledge.

Logically presented, Ford, is unashamed in her objective. To expose the lie, that haunts women into believing that marriage and being chosen by a man is their pursuit in life. To celebrate women for who they are, to champion a life that is not dependent on men and frees woman from a life of subservience to others.

A very worthy read. Intelligent, engaging, and absolutely essential reading.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

‘A liberating alternative perspective on the happily-ever-after take we are sold our whole lives. I often had to rest the book on my chest, close my eyes and whisper “I knew it!”‘ – Chrissie Swan

‘With her signature wit, insight and galvanising ferocity, Clementine Ford lifts the veil on marriage, revealing the history and present of misogyny, violence and oppression that festers behind the fairy tale. I Don’t is an exhilarating invitation to see marriage for what it is-a building block of patriarchy-and imagine new ways of living, loving and building family.’ – Yves Rees

‘Wow. An incredible argument smashing the archaic constructs of society. Clementine’s articulate brilliance is exactly what I needed to read as a young woman fighting against the ceilings in the public eye and in everyday life. This book made me feel less alone in my anger and will carve space for hope in our future.’ – Jaguar Jonze

‘An incredible work. Robust, funny, erudite and assertive: Clem Ford at the height of her power. This book will finish what Clem’s other books started and change the world forever.’ – Alice Robinson

‘Clementine Ford has boldly tackled the age-old institution that ensnares women in this funny and fierce book. We are all the better for her wisdom, her joyous rebellion and her renegade spirit.’ – Alexandra Collier