Prettier if She Smiled More by Toni Jordan – Our Review


Our Review…

Dive into this whip-smart novel, you won’t be disappointed. Our week opens on Monday with Kylie, a pharmacist who arrives at her workplace, which she has been secretly harbouring an ambition to buy to find that it has been sold to a big Chemist Warehouse – like chain. This is the start of a cavalcade of events that upsets her carefully crafted world.

Comedy, that comes across beautifully on the page, is no easy feat, yet Toni Jordan makes it look effortless. Kylie is part of one big messy family called the Schnabels, who featured in a previous book, Dinner with the Schnabels, all who play wonderful cameo roles here, including her well-meaning domineering mother Gloria, who I must admit is nothing short of fabulous.

You will love this read, as Toni Jordan as well as endowing her adorable characters with plenty of wit and hilarity, she gently weaves in wise words and insightful observations.

Smart, modern and sensitive. A great read!

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books