Ten Steps to Nanette: A memoir situation by Hannah Gadsby (Hardback) – Our Review


Our Review…

Okay. First things, if you haven’t seen Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix special released in 2018, it is a must watch. Breathtaking and it will stay with you long after you’ve watched it.

Now, I thought her debut book, was going to be a rehashing of this Netflix show, and I was happy enough with that, given just how profound and powerful the show had left me.

But Hannah Gadsby’s book, is actually filled with so much more. It is a memoir of her life, and story. It is witty, frank and just simply incredible.

From her life growing up in regional Tasmania with five siblings, as a queer identifying woman in a state that startling only decriminalised in 1997, to her adult diagnosis of Autism and ADHD and everything in between.

This is a truly authentic insight and window into Hannah Gadsby, and it will have you both laughing and crying throughout. A book to treasure and look forward to reading at the end of each day.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books