The Whole Family Cookbook by Rebecca Winkler – Local Author


Fall in love with food for the whole family…

Feeding a family can feel incredibly overwhelming, frustrating and thankless at times. Particularly through the early toddler years, or if navigating intolerances and allergies. Traversing and balancing precious time and money to provide nourishing meals. Prioritising your energy to give to those you love can feel impossible.

As you will come to understand as I attempt to weave my learnings throughout this book and my recipes, I aim to help you fall in love with food again. To appreciate its potency both nutritionally and emotionally. Whole foods in their most natural state are an incredible gift. My recipes aim to highlight their flavour profile, simplicity, diversity and nutrient density.

I dearly hope this book invites a new or renewed love of cooking, sourcing and appreciating the abundance of ingredients we are privileged to have access to.