Meth Road: A life-and-death investigation following the world’s most destructive narcotic to Australia by Conor Woodman – Our Review


Our Review…

Investigative reporting right in the heart of the infamous Golden Triangle, ah the horror.

Conor Woodman explores the context of Meth in Australia and in doing so provides us with a first hand account of where the majority of meth is manufactured- the heavily disputed states of Myanmar.

Meth Road takes you inside a Chinese run casino in Laos, used as a clandestine trading post, a meth cooks kitchen on the Gold Coast and inside the politics of Meth in Australia.

Meth Road isn’t written through a lens of on line research and third hand accounts. Meth Road explores the dense humid jungle, littered with tarps, plastic drums and a fascinating relationship with China.

Similar to Chloe Hooper’s approach with a well balanced exploration.

Review by Simon (Partner of Katina) @ Great Escape Books