The Wren, The Wren From the Booker Prize-winning author Anne Enright – Our Review


Our Review…

Booker Prize winner Anne Enright once again takes us to Ireland for an exploration of love – artistic, romantic, sexual and above all family love (with all its dysfunction!).

The Wren, The Wren is the compelling story of three generations of women and the effect that one man had on their lives, their relationships and their futures. There’s the famous Irish poet’s first wife, a figure we don’t hear from directly, but whose decisions and the things that happen to her exert their influence on what happens to the family. There’s Carmel, now middle-aged but once the favourite of her poet father, whose most famous poem ‘The Wren, The Wren’ was written about her. She has never really recovered from his abandonment of her (and her cancer-ridden mother) and she struggles to reconcile his words full of promise with his treatment of his family. Then there’s Nell, Carmel’s adventurous early 20s daughter, who is desperate to forge her own path in the world, but who looks for love in the wrong places with the wrong people.

Told from the alternating perspectives of Carmel and Nell, as well as a section in the voice of the absent father/grandfather poet, this rich and raw novel dives deep into the love between mother and daughter and exposes the inheritance of trauma, love and wonder in a dysfunctional family. Enright’s writing moves between stunning imagery and stark prose and she even creates the poetry of the famous poet There are moments of brutality, but also of great beauty, in this family story of longing, betrayal, generational trauma and hope.

Review by Andi @ Great Escape Books