Tom Lake by Ann Patchett – Our Review


Our Review…

Her latest novel, ‘Tom Lake’, is Ann Patchett at her best. It is a beautiful, tender and moving story of love, family and youthful dreams, told in the way that only Patchett can.

Set in the spring of 2020, at the height of the pandemic, Lara’s three grown daughters return home to the cherry orchard at their home in Northern Michigan. Days are spent harvesting the cherry trees, while the evenings are spent with the now grown women begging to their mother to tell them about her life.
The three women are desperate to hear the story of their mother, and her once young and passionate romance with the famous actor, Peter Duke, while the two shared a stage together at the theatre company called Tom Lake.
Lara tells her story in her own words, and as she shares her experiences of love, the theatre world and growing up, her daughters reflect on their own lives, and what they thought they knew to be true.

Ann Patchett is the master of family dynamics, of exploring the deep intricacies of the bonds that bind us together for better or worse. With her poetic and powerful prose, this is a truly beautiful story that is to be savoured. I absolutely loved it.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books