Untamed: Stop pleasing, start living by Glennon Doyle – Our Review


Our Review…

‘Untamed’ is a book I can’t stop thinking about. I’ve had it on my to read pile all year and have been looking forward to reading it, but I had no idea how profoundly it would stay with me.

To say I loved it, is an understatement, it’s the kind of book you will fall in love with and want to gift everyone for Christmas.

In 2016, Glennon Doyle was promoting her latest book, a memoir about her redeemed marriage and life as a Mum of three when she was left breathless by the sight of a woman.

That woman was Abby Wambach and they call it love at first sight. For Glennon Doyle this was a watershed moment, falling in love with a woman meant she couldn’t ignore her inner voice any longer. She was compelled to start living her life the way she actually wanted too and stop making decisions based on outsider expectations.

Untamed is the story of this time in Doyle’s life, the messy and painful unravelling of her life and her journey through brokenness. The process of living life her way, of learning to be unashamed of her identity and to be deeply present for herself and others around her.

A courageous and powerful exploration of living life to the full and truly understanding who it is we want to be and what we truly desire for our one wild and precious life.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books