You’ll Be the Death of Me by Karen M. McManus – Our Review


Our Review…

‘You’ll Be the Death of Me’ by Karen M McManus is, once again a thrillingly gripping read from the Queen of teen crime fiction.

Three friends decide to skip school one day, but little do Ivy, Cal and Mateo know what a mess their day would become when all they had planned was to laugh together, have fun and distract themselves from the teenage drama surrounding their lives.

Ivy, is an over achiever who after failing dismally at student council nominations, is stewing in her own humiliation while admiring Mateo from a distance. Mateo is drowning in family responsibilities, working two jobs to keep ​his family afloat since his Mum’s business failed. While Cal is preoccupied with a scandalous romance with an older out-of-reach woman.

On their way into the city to spend a day traipsing around, the friends notice that Boney Mahoney, arch nemesis, and annoying peer is also skipping school.

When Boney ends up dead, the teens face obvious suspicion. What are they hiding from each other, and will the truth ever be revealed?

McManus is not only the Queen of crime fiction, but she also masterfully creates teen dynamics and melodrama which make for an entertaining and enjoyable read every time.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books