Paradise: A totally addictive crime thriller packed with jaw-dropping twists by Patricia Wolf – Our Review


Our Review…

Outback and Paradise by Patricia Wolfe are the first two books in the DS Walker series, and having been released only 6 months a part, I decided to read them straight after each other.
It was honestly the best way to read the crime thriller series, as I felt so invested in the characters and enveloped in the world of the Australian detective Lucas Walker, that I loved every minute of it.
In book #1, Outback, Walker is on leave, back in the country town of Caloodie, while he is caring for his dying grandmother, who was more like a mother to him. While feeling vulnerable and distracted by his personal life, he is called onto the case of two missing backpackers.
Early into the case, Walker is joined by the missing girl’s sister, a detective herself from Berlin who has taken the investigation into her own hands.
With time running out, the pair must find the backpackers, dead or alive, uncovering just how much is hidden behind the scorching summer plains.
Book #2, Paradise, sees Walker returning from leave to the glitz and glamour of the Gold Coast.
Soon enough, the detective is investigating the horrific home that has left a young woman dead and a nine-year-old girl traumatised beyond imagination.
As Walker races to protect the vulnerable little girl, the truth is more terrible than anyone could imagine.
I absolutely loved this book series. The characters are well developed, and the highlight of the mysterious storylines, along with the vivid storytelling.
Thrilling and mesmerising, a fantastic duo to be read together or solo.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books