The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness (Book 1)


The Knife Of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
Our Review…
Once in a while a book series so totally captivates you, one reading is not enough.
Our world opens with the chilling premise that settlers from Earth have colonised a planet, New World, where every man and creature can hear each other’s thoughts – called ‘Noise’. This becomes incredibly invasive and confronting, you just cannot escape the layers of noise everywhere. You would think that any secrets would be impossible.
Yet, our story opens with thirteen year old Todd and his talking dog Manchee, the last boy in Prentisstown, a town full of men and absolutely no women, and a town ridden with the darkest of secrets.
Just as Todd is about to become a man in the eyes of the townsfolk at the edge of the swamp he and Manchee stumble onto a clearing that has no noise, which is impossible…isn’t it? He realises his whole world has been built on the most horrendous of lies and he must make an impossible decision to stay with the family he knows and loves or to flee and protect an innocent girl who will most certainly be harmed?
An edgy authentic read that weaves in issues of race and gender that make it relevant to teens and adult readers alike. Books further along in the series move into invasion and colonisation, which is just as relevant to Australian society today as well.
Review by Nicole