Trust by Chris Hammer – Our Review


ABIA Longlist 2021 – General Fiction Book of the Year

Our Review…

‘Trust’ by award winning journalist and author Chris Hammer is the third novel in the enthralling crime series featuring Martin Scarsden. Martin Scarsden is the prickly and broken protagonist that we have come to know and love through the first two novels, ‘Scrublands’ and ‘Silver’.

While ‘Trust’ can be enjoyed as a stand alone novel, you will find yourself searching for answers and desperate to uncover the back story that was masterfully crafted in the previous two books.

For once, life is just blissful for Martin Scarsden and Mandalay Blonde until a terrified scream on the other end of the line sets into motion a thrilling quest for the truth. Mandalay Blonde has been abducted, and a man is found in her place barely alive. Where is she and why would anyone want to harm her?

Thankfully Mandalay is found but many secrets from her past are unearthed in the process and when Martin’s best friend a journalist is found murdered on the eve of a highly secretive breaking story the mystery deepens. Who is behind the murder and how is it connected to Mandalay’s past?

A riveting roller-coaster by one of Australia’s best crime writers.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books