Waiting for the Storks by Katrina Nannestad (Hardback) – Our Review


Our Review…

Set during World War II, this is a brilliant and masterfully told historical fiction for young adult readers.

Darling eight-year-old Zofia Ulinski is kidnapped off the streets of Poland, with her beautiful blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she like many other children of the time were snatched into the regime to create a pure Ayrian population.

Forbidden from speaking their native language, undergoing a name change, and a hidden ethnical heritage are the least of the trials that face Zofia. With poverty, violence, and starvation throughout the camp rife as War sweeps through.

But in time, Zofia is adopted by an affluent and powerful German family and can breathe again, with conditions improving dramatically.

Zofia survives, she is wise beyond her years and resilient in a way she should never have had to be, but when she encounters a young Polish boy, everything comes flooding back. Her life, her loss, and her identity.

This is a tenderly written book for teens, that is a powerful and profound story, opening the reality into one of humanity’s darkest moments.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books