Bewilderment: Shortlisted for the Booker Prize 2021 by Richard Powers – Our Review


Our Review…

Nominated for the Booker prize 2022, Bewilderment is a captivating read. Theo is a niche astrobiologist who creates simulations of life on other planets based on the science we have today. After the death of his magnanimous and passionate activist wife, Theo has been raising his son Robin on his own. Robin is a deeply empathetic young boy who struggles to regulate his emotions as he grieves the loss of his mother and grapples with the devastation of the planet. Doctors diagnose him with numerous behavioural disorders, but Theo is reluctant to start his son on psychoactive drugs at such a young age. When a new experimental opportunity to help Robin comes along, together they agree to take it.

A beautifully written story of father and son who bond over their love for the natural world, but at the same time are overwhelmed by its destruction. Tackling many challenging concepts, Powers delivers this awe-inspiring yet devastating story of human connection in our modern world.

This book led me through the full range of emotions – hope, sadness, inspiration, despair, awe and heartbreak.

Review by Belinda