The First to Die at the End by Adam Silvera (Hardback) – Our Review


Our Review…

If you enjoyed They Both Die at the End, you must read this second book in the series.

This book follows the launch day of “Death Cast”, an organisation that predicts when you will die. A huge crowd gathers in Times Square to count down the opening of Death Cast, with people nervously waiting to see if they will be one of the first people that Death Cast calls. Two strangers meet and one of them gets the call to say that they will die today. So how will they choose to spend their last day on earth? What if Death Cast is wrong?

Reading this book, you will meet a range of loveable and despicable characters that are interwoven in the most unexpected and satisfying ways. Although this book is targeted at young adults, it is filled with a range of complex life experiences such as grief, abuse, sexuality and first love. A moving and beautiful book.

Review by Jackie @ Great Escape Books