The Half Brother by Christine Keighery – Our Review


Our Review…

Hannah and Stef have always been close, growing up in a tight-knit family. The girls have always been there for one another. Not just sisters but friends.

But the family is shocked, torn and confused when it is revealed that their beloved mother, Margaret, had given birth and adopted out a son, before their parents met and the family they grew up in began.

Although, the family welcomed the opportunity to support their mother and were empathetic to the difficult decision their mother was forced to make.

The opportunity to meet their half-brother Alex arrives and more than a slow burn getting to know one another, but Alex has sauntered into their lives and made his presence known. Initially, the sisters are captured by his charisma, wealth, and social standing, but before long, Alex begins to show a very dangerous side.

Questioning themselves, Hannah, Stef, and Margaret reconcile that perhaps Alex is just acting out of his brokenness, having been adopted by a particularly toxic family, and that time and love will be a great healer.

As family dynamics shift, some relationships are stretched while other alliances strengthened as a complex web of secrets, nefarious motives, and psychological tricks are revealed.

An absolutely fantastic read, ‘The Half Brother’ is written in a way that brings the characters alive, making them real and relatable as the story becomes entirely enveloping.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books